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Integrative Wealth

Design & Facilitation

S.M.A.R.T. Investing®

Simplified Macro Asset Reallocation Technique.

Financial Life

Planning & Partnership


  1. Transitioning out of the workforce
  2. Transitioning into a new life with the passing of a spouse that comes with decreased income and increased tax liability
  3. Transitioning your estate, upon your passing, to loved ones with the hopes of blessing their lives; not the IRS.

Understanding the economics AND the psychology of these transitions improves the client experience and outcome.  While investment management is always important it becomes secondary during retirement transitions to the value of our financial planning and partnership.  We focus on our client’s goals, values, motivations and fears.  Many of the transitions our client’s face are still a way up ahead in their journey but when they get to those bridges, we cross them together.

The Value of Being Prepared


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Integrative Wealth

Design & Facilitation

If your financial advisor, attorney and accountant aren’t working around the same conference room table then you have disjoined puzzle pieces in your wealth plan complete with gaps and missing pieces.

Our team of professional Investment Advisors, CPA’s, CFP’s and Attorney’s work together as an integrated team to coordinate all aspects of your planning and to facilitate each of these related services.

We design and facilitate a comprehensive plan ensuring each puzzle piece comes together creating a clear financial picture where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


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the pieces

Are your estate, tax and financial plans integrative?


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A proprietary, mathematical approach to retirement investment allocation and dynamic distribution planning. Designed to provide a balance between the need for short-term retirement withdrawals and long-term investment performance. Providing peace of mind in up or down markets during the distribution phase of your retirement.



Protected Growth



Simplified Macro Asset Reallocation Technique. Its just S.M.A.R.T.

We deposit grey money into banks or credit unions to maintain liquidity and guarantees. We leave enough to cover 6 - 12 months of our monthly expenses, but not so much that we are exposed to inflation and opportunity cost.

We lend green money to a financial institution (typically an insurance company) for a period of time in exchange for contract guarantees and improved performance potential. We lend enough green money to create a volatility buffer during periods of market decline, but not so much that we lose needed liquidity.

We invest yellow money in “the market” using asset managers that subscribe to a specific philosophy of “winning by not losing.” These tactical managers select which investments and when to buy or sell them by monitoring key economic indicators. They adhere to disciplined strategies designed to minimize downside capture in declining markets.

We invest red money in “the market” using asset managers that follow a fundamental philosophy of due diligence at the individual company level. These managers dissect a company’s financial statements, balance sheet, P&L, price to earnings and forecasted revenues to determine if there is unrealized growth or value and if they check all the boxes, they put the stock inside your portfolio. When the markets decline, these managers don’t often react.


Our Process

A GPS is a helpful tool that can navigate you safely and efficiently to a desired destination even if you've never been there before. For the GPS to work it needs to collect some information. Where do you want to go? How much fuel do have? How fast do you like to drive? Do you prefer freeways, city streets or scenic highways? [DISCOVERY]

Next, it will triangulate precisely where you are now in relation to that goal & warn you about road construction, speed limits, traffic conditions, and accidents. [AUDIT & ANALYSIS]

With this data, the GPS can calculate multiple route options and identify a precise course, customized to your unique objectives & preferences. [PROPOSALS]

Now you're all set to begin your journey with confidence and peace of mind, so roll the windows down and turn up Siriusly Sinatra Radio. [IMPLEMENTATION]

If you ever veer off course or conditions change the GPS recalculates your route staying with you every mile to ensure you get to your end-goal safely and efficiently. [MAINTENANCE]

Think of our wealth management process like a GPS navigation system for your goals. It generates a financial roadmap so you can reach a destination that’s important to you.

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Our process

Credibility Matters

There are thousands of licensed advisors in our industry. With so many advisors and conflicting opinions on wealth management, it may feel overwhelming to know whose advice you can trust. One suggestion we have is to reference these regulatory agencies and accreditation sites to do a little research on your advisors.