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A comprehensive wealth management team that specializes in retirement transitions. 

How do I invest my 401K & retirement accounts?

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What can I spend when the stock market crashes?

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Can I coordinate my taxes, investments, and estate planning?

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A GPS is a helpful tool that can navigate you safely to your desired destination. Think of our team like a GPS system for your retirement. Click on each step to learn more.

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Download the 2023 Social Security Optimization Guide

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This guide has been designed to give answers to all of the difficult questions surrounding Social Security. This will help you understand how and when to file for your benefits. It will help you understand how your benefits are getting taxed and some potential solutions to help reduce, or in some cases eliminate the Social Security tax. 

General Resources 

There are thousands of licensed advisors in our industry. With so many advisors and conflicting opinions on wealth management, it may feel overwhelming to know whose advice you can trust. One suggestion we have is to reference these regulatory agencies and accreditation sites to do a little research on your advisors.